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Rebel Space was the second play-by-email game offered as part of a major commercial online service. It ran on Prodigy from 1992 to 1995. The game was developed by Stormfront Studios, designed by Don Daglow and programmed by Mark Buchignani.

Rebel Space was offered by Prodigy online service in the summer of 1992 as a combination PBEM (play by email) strategy game and posting board system. Games were numbered with letters and numbers to denote when they began, the first game being AA01. Prodigy had three game speeds of varying number of required turns per week, the fastest paced being five moves per week (one each Monday through Friday) and the slowest being one move per week.

The original tagline in advertisements for the game was “The Empire fell, now what?” The premise being that a galaxy spanning Empire was in terminal decline, and forty commanders of Empire Fleets were the seeds of possible new empires.

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