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The posting boards were populated by thousands of players and many of them were regulars at such virtual hangouts as “Wits End” and “Top of the Galaxy”. The social aspect of the game was of great interest to some, and utterly uninteresting to others, but it added a dramatic counterpoint to the game movements to those who got involved there. For several years, groups of friends from Rebel Space had get togethers all over the USA so players could meet.

The game itself was fairly simple: Each commander had four Starships under his control and these starships could be upgraded with MODS (modules) that would increase the ships capabilities. To add a MOD to a ship the ship had to end its turn’s movement on a friendly Starbase, i.e. a Starbase owned by that commander or a Starbase belonging to the same faction as that commander. Every ship started with one Engine Mod and one Scan Mod to give it the minimum movement distance (four squares) and minimum scanning range (the square passed through plus one adjoining square for the flight path of the ship).

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