Is Someone Listening a religious organization?

No. Someone Listening is not a religious organization and we do not promote / preach any religion and our work is not based upon or related to any religious beliefs. We do not impose any religious, political, philosophical beliefs on people who get in touch with us.


How is it ok to ask for someone else’s help?

Asking for help is indeed a matter of strength. By seeking our services, one admits to having a difficulty and portrays the willingness to resolve the issue. It takes courage to understand your shortcoming and the willingness to change it.


Can I be friends with my coach / counsellor?

Of course, your coach / counsellor is your friend and truly cares for you. However, like every profession, being a coach / counsellor too has its own set of rules. Hence, you pay for the time spent with you.


Will I become dependent upon my coach / counsellor?

No, not at all. Rather we aim to make you independent and help you to have more choices while making your own decisions and accept their consequences. During the early stages, you may feel like seeing your coach / counsellor often but with the pace of time, you will find yourself becoming more confident and independent and resourceful.


Is my coach / counsellor connected to me only professionally?

Paying for the professional services you enjoy is a part of the profession. However, it is not the only connection you experience with us. We work professionally, but with a personal touch. We are all human beings and understand emotions and feelings pretty well and connect with you. It may be difficult for us sometimes to respond instantly, still, we care for you.


Should I tell everything in detail?

You are free to tell us whatever you want. However, the more relevant information you provide, the more beneficial it will be to you. Rest, out of our experience, we know what details to ask for specifically and will not bother you to narrate stories. If you choose not to reveal details, we will still attempt to help you, but you may find the replies less adequate. Everything you share is kept confidential with us.


How do I know if this service works?

We cannot prove results in terms of lives improved or saved. However, our case studies and testimonials speak about us, when people contact to thank us for being a lifeline at their moment of distress and in their relationships.


How long is a session?

A session lasts up to one hour only. With our experience, we have found that human brain tends to work / learn at intervals and we also realize the importance of learning and doing things. So, we keep the duration of a session optimum and advice for consulting us at an interval of around one week. Certain situations may however demand you to meet us before that as well.


Is one session enough?

It really depends on the situation and how open you are to work with us. Some people find that one session is all they need, while a continuous set of 2 – 4 meetings is more beneficial for majority of people. We suggest you experience one and when you wish to continue, you make that choice. Normally, people turn up for few more consultations than just one time.


Can you make me do something against my will?

No. Firstly, your unconscious mind will not allow you to do anything you do not wish to do and secondly, your mind will simply reject suggestions which are not beneficial or acceptable to you. Remember, we respect your good self.


What if I am not satisfied with the services?

We would appreciate if you do provide your feedback to us. It will help us in improving our services in future. We value your thoughts.

We guarantee you that we will act in a professional manner, while keeping your best interest and your goals as a priority. We promise you that we will stay calm and focused, flexible to your needs and will always treat you with a personal human touch.

In case we find you need to get in touch with another professional, we will honestly recommend you for it. Confidentiality is the very soul of Someone Listening and we stand by it.

(Kindly refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions).


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