Confidentiality and trust is the very basis of Someone Listening. It assures you that all information given will be kept completely confidential*.

We respect ‘Your Privacy’ and it is important to us.


Your Information is ‘always kept personal’

The information you provide about yourself is only used for understanding your situation to the best of your interest. Your contact details are used only for interacting with you.

We don’t disclose or share this information with any outside parties.


Data Security

We have undertaken all appropriate means to prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information provided by you. All safeguards have been properly installed for securing online information collected by us.


Email Security

Anyone who has access to your computer could potentially read any information you keep there, including your email. If you share a computer at work or at home, take additional precautions to ensure that no one else can read your email. In case you take a printout of our interaction, be careful not to leave it lying around.

To ensure privacy and security, it’s your full responsibility to prevent any unauthorized access to your emails and we assume no responsibility for any event occurring due to lack of control at your end.


*However, we may need to pass on the information provided to us, in case we receive orders from the court or we come across the information about warnings of terrorist attacks, etc. leading to a threat to the national security.

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