Sometimes in Life, All You Need
Someone Listening
Life & Relationship Coaching
by Sandeep Bogra

Why Someone Listening?

Why Someone Listening?

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logo listYes, I Give Advice (1st in the industry)

logo listCertified under Tony Robbins, USA

logo list100% Privacy Assured

logo listNo Compulsion for Minimum No. of Sessions

logo listContinuous Support Between Sessions

logo list3x Awarded Best Life & Relationship Coach

logo listSay ‘No’ to labels like ADHD, BPD etc.

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At Someone Listening™, we believe that the best thing you can gift to others is ‘Yourself’.
We have the passion of counselling you to make your life easy and provide life and relationship coaching to have special and successful relationships.
We listen to your problems without judging you and give you the skill set to solve them.

Life is gifted to us just once and we want you to be happy.
It’s time to Discover Your True Self and Unleash the ‘New You’.
The mission behind Someone Listening™ is the burning desire to

" Touch and Transform Lives for the Better "


Concept & Origin

The name Someone Listening™ has been inspired by the personal experiences of the Founder, Sandeep Bogra. He feels that in times of distress, the first thing you need is Someone to Listen to you patiently, to guide you better in the right direction.

Sandeep started guiding his friends and family several years back and realized that there were countless people in the world outside, waiting for Someone, with whom they could pour their heart out, with full trust and confidence and receive professional coaching, using proven tools and strategies, to steer in the direction of success.

Someone Listening™ is ‘passionate about people’ and continuously striving to add value to your life and relationships since 2012.

When you have an opportunity to speak and feel understood by Someone who Listens to you, you can trust such person, who helps you to have more choices in life.

Someone Listening™ constantly reminds you that now you have Someone in your life, who is always Listening to you, just for you.

Remember, You Are Not Alone...

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Our Founder

Someone Listening is the Brainchild of Sandeep Bogra, who has been awarded as Best Life & Relationship Coach multiple times globally.

He completed his Life Coach training at Robbins-Madanes Training under his teachers Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Mark Peysha, and Magali Peysha.

Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) approved under ABNLP (The American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming) & IHA (International Hypnosis Association LLC).

Approved Counsellor from The Institute of Natural Healing, UK which is fully accredited by the national awarding body NCFE, at Level 4 of the National Qualification Framework (NQF).

Certified in Business Communication Skills from Dale Carnegie Training.

Bestselling Author on Amazon for his book: Divorce – The Best Thing Ever Happened?

Chartered Accountant (CA) from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and Executive MBA (Finance) from Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad. Started his career at McKinsey & Company and gained a decade of Management Consulting experience in India and across the Middle East.

A dog-lover, philanthropist and an active member of Rotary International Club.

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Core Values

Core Values

At Someone Listening™, we firmly believe in our core values.

Positive: You have all the rights of living a happy and successful life and we help you achieve it positively.

Committed: We are committed to lead you on your path to prosperity and help you make the best of your work and relationships.

Respectful: We fully respect your religion, cultural values and your way of living.

Humanitarian: Love to see people succeed in their life in all spheres.

Relationships: Friendship is like a religion to us and we know the importance of relationships.

Confident & Honest: Confident & Honest in our approach, we are eager to learn moreand improveat every step.

Patient Listening: Provide undivided attention to one and all.

Supportive: Love to interact with people and assist in finding useful ways to overcome personal and professional life issues.

Professional: Professionalin approach, with a personal touch.

Confidential: Everything you share with us is a secret kept forever.



Different Needs. Unique Offerings. Customizable Products & Services.




Have Someone in Your Life

Someone is for You. Someone who gives undivided attention...
Who understands You, and values You too...
Someone trusts You. So, you can trust Someone Listening too...
Someone who lets you share & Speak Your Heart without fear...
Someone loves to multiply your joys & divide your pain by sharing...
No matter what, Someone is with you, Now and forever...
You deserve to be happy !! Have Someone Listening in Your life...



Relationships are all about expectations from the right people at the right time.

We know you have certain requirements in life that brings you to us. We continuously strive to add value to your life and help you to workout solutions for your needs and we remain honest, wherever the situation demands otherwise.
In either case, we will do our best.

For us to be completely successful while working with you,
we require your willingness and support to experiment with new ways of being in, thinking about, and reacting to the world. We will help add choices in your life and it will be your choice, to make such choice for yourself.

Success comes when ‘You & I’ work in collaboration with commitment.

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Get in Touch

Get in Touch

Undoubtedly, we need professional help to resolve our challenges.

However, if you find your friend, family member or anyone in distress, you may extend a helping hand. Well, discussing about a problem is never an easy task. It requires patience and strength on your part to look at things from others point of view. Also, it is our natural tendency to favor our loved ones, even when they need to make certain changes.

Do you want to make their life easy yet finding it difficult? Don’t worry. We are there for you.Seeking professional help provides support and better ways to assist yourself and your loved ones.

Feel free to get in touch and spread a word with your loved ones.

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